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lomi lomi massage imageOne of the keys to eliminating stress and muscle tension is aligning the mind, body and spirit. The massages at Ho’ola Spa are restorative and therapeutic, because they aim to achieve balance physically and spiritually. There is no better example of this than the Lomi Lomi massage. If you want to bring the body, mind and spirit back into alignment, then the Lomi Lomi at Ho’ola Spa is the best massage on Maui.

What Is the Lomi Lomi, Anyway?

The Lomi Lomi is an ancient practice that was used by Hawaiian healers and therapists. The hands and forearms of the therapists engage the body with fluid, rhythmic movements. These movements are made to recall and mimic the tides of the ocean, and they soothe the mind, body and spirit. Different parts of the upper body can be massage simultaneously. These compressive and fluent motions relieve muscle tension and subdue any mental, spiritual or physical imbalance within the recipient. All of this combines to provide a unique healing experience. The Lomi Lomi is the quintessential Maui massage because of its healing properties.

The term “Lomi Lomi” means massage.  The practice derived from ancient Polynesian settlers and was developed by the master Hawaiian healers and elders. The massage technique has evolved and has been passed down generationally. It originated as a sacred ritual that collected the scattered and broken elements of the mind, body and spirt, and unified them with dance-like hand movements and consistent energy flow and transference. Even today, after hundreds of years, it is still the best massage on Maui.

Recipients have walked out of the spa changed, uplifted and energized. The skills and knowledge of our therapists, the healing and unifying properties of the massage, and the sunny and vibrant Hawaiian atmosphere will have you feeling renewed. Receiving a top-tier Maui massage will reshuffle and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, and you’ll receive positive, free-flowing energy.

If you want to improve bodily circulation and alleviate muscle tension, while reducing stress and enhancing the self esteem, then inquire about the best massage on Maui by calling 808-662-2988 or make an online reservation.


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