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Visit a Maui Spa ImageOn the island of Maui, in the midst of your wonderful dream vacation to Hawaii, there are many ways to spend your time, from relaxing and indulging, to exploring and adventuring. One of the top activities for anyone looking for the former will be visiting an authentic Maui spa. Here’s why you should visit a Maui day spa on your trip to the island, and while you’re at it, why you need to make sure it’s an authentic one and not a tourist trap.

Anyone can visit a spa at any location across the globe and receive a Swedish massage or rubdown. However, it’s that much better to take part in an authentic and traditional form of massage or spa treatment that you won’t be able to find back home.

For example, if you visit a top Maui spa which offers authentic and traditional treatments, you can enjoy something truly unique and special, such as the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. This is an ancient massage technique which has been passed down from one generation to the next, featuring long, gliding strokes and gentle rhythmic motions.

This can be combined with aspects of a deep tissue massage, for a firmer Deep Lomi Lomi treatment. In either instance, you’ll be receiving a very unique form of massage, from a caring practitioner who has honed this craft for years.

Another authentic Hawaii spa treatment is Wawae Reflexology. This incorporates natural pressure points on the feet, called wawae, utilized to restore wellbeing and natural balance to your body.

Moving on from massage, a few additional authentic and exciting treatments you could opt for at an authentic Maui day spa include the Ala’e Sea Salt Glow, used to exfoliate and promote circulation; Hawaiian Sugar Polish, a body treatment incorporating sugar crystals and botanicals; or the famous Mauka to Makai, from mountains to the sea, treatment. This is a very special detoxifying and relaxation treatment incorporating numerous elements and unique, natural ingredients to provide wonderful results. You’ll only find an authentic version of this on the Hawaiian islands!

You can visit a spa and get a massage anywhere. When you’re in the midst of a dream vacation to beautiful Hawaii, make the experience that much more special by visiting an authentic Maui spa, offering traditional one-of-a-kind Hawaiian treatments you won’t find at home. Contact us today at 808-662-2988 or make a reservation online for your next Maui spa package.

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