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fall special facial treatment imageDepending on the season, the health of your skin can be pretty unruly. If you were active in the summer, your skin may have gotten punished by the sun. And the cooler fall months are known to also be harsh on the skin. Sharp, cool winds bitterly attack, drying out the moisture and dulling the skin’s glow. Cooler weather can exacerbate existing skin problems and conditions, or it can create new ones. Skin maintenance, more often than not, becomes a headache.

We understand that, so we have crafted a new treatment that is specifically designed to combat these difficult weather extremes.

We are introducing the Fabulous Fall Facial Special. This facial, true to its name, is an autumn-inspired treatment that revitalizes the skin and will leave you prepared for the fall’s cooler weather.

So, What Is the Fabulous Fall Special??

The facial begins with Jurlique’s fruit-based enzyme treatment, which is potently packed with pumpkin, apple, lemon and orange extracts; it exfoliates and revitalizes the skin. A mask made from pumpkin extract is then spread across the face, and its purpose is to replenish and hydrate the skin cells. The facial ends with moisturizing serums and eye creams that eliminate dryness and enhance the smoothness of the skin, endowing a youthful appearance. The Fabulous Fall Facial incorporates organic elements and botanical extracts to increase the suppleness of the skin, eliminate dead cells, and ignite a radiant glow.

The Fabulous Fall Facial is rejuvenation at its finest, and it will make your skin smoother, more hydrated and healthier.

The Fabulous Fall Facial is running at a price of $ 135/50 minutes. It’s an incredible value for the therapeutic skin care treatment that you will receive. Our skin care specialists are professionals to the core, and will expertly revitalize your skin.

Why You Absolutely Need the Fabulous Fall Facial

The weather demands that you care for your skin. Autumn is a transitional period. The unrelenting harshness of the summer sun can dehydrate the skin and soften its glow. The fall season, with its cooler weather, can worsen this skin problem with whipping, chilly winds that do nothing but damage to the skin.

You need to be replenished, and rehydrated. The Fabulous Fall Special is based around using natural exfoliators and creams that are engineered to replenish the skin.

If you’re coming to Maui on vacation from a much colder city, then the facial is undeniably necessary for your skin’s health.

We only use natural, organic products. We use Maile Organics, a product line that is sourced organically for the richest and most powerful nutrients. Your skin will be lavished with clean and lush creams, oils, exfoliators and serums that are packed with vitamins and anti-aging elements. These products are hand-selected by our practitioners, so that you will receive the maximum benefits of the treatment. Our spa is a tropical sanctuary, and your body gets treated like a temple.

If you would like to rejuvenate your skin just in time for the cooler months, call us at 808-662-2988 or make an online reservation.

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