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lahaina massage and spa imageIn downtown Lahaina (known locally as Lele, which means “relentless sun” in Hawaiian), you’ll find the paradise for the senses that is Ho’ola Spa.

For a true Hawaiian massage experience it has to be Ho’ola spa in Lahaina.

Lahaina is also home to an ancient Japanese Buddhist temple and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The calm of the ancient religion merged with the open and friendly “Aloha” of Hawaii can be felt in the surroundings, staff and massage therapies of Ho’ola spa.

We offer all-natural spa treatments to indulge your senses and re-energize your body. Maui, Hawaii is a paradise and at Ho’ola Spa you’ll experience true Hawaiian spa treatments exclusively from Malie Organics, Hawaii’s premier luxury beauty brand.

Inspired by the stunning Kaanapali coast, our spa rituals provide a harmonious balance of earth and sea. Hand crafted mauka (mountain) and makai (ocean side) ingredients indigenous to Maui and the Hawaiian islands go into our pure body creams to make treatments a truly memorable experience.

At Ho’ola Spa we have exclusive packages that will all help you relax and feel the natural rhythms of Maui, Hawaii. From our warm stone rituals to our all-natural facials, it’s the best massage you can experience in Lahaina.

In Hawaii there are two sayings: We use “E Komo Mai” to invite you to enter our house and we use “E Kipa Mai” to invite you to visit, so “E Kipa Mai” for now (until we see you) and when you get here “E Kipa Mai” we look forward to meeting you.

Why We Are The Best Massage In Lahaina, Maui

We are featured in the Pride of Maui blog as one of the top ten spas in Maui (in no particular order!) At Ho’ola Spa we offer a wide array of services from massage therapy, skincare treatments, spa body treatments and spectacular Lahaina spa packages all using top of the line Malie products composed of herbs, Hawaiian fruits, floral scents, and organic coffee. Below are just four highlights of Ho’ola spa.

Revitalization Mango Nectar Package

Using a tropical body polish with Malie Organics, Mango Nectar, a 50-minute massage, and a hydrating body butter application.

Maui Honeymoon Ritual Spa Package

For lovers – A side-by-side, Lahaina massage with Malie Organics tropical body butter, warm oil scalp treatments, plus hand and foot massages.

Himalayan Salt Spa

Our Himalayan Salt room generates pure, therapeutic, bacteria-free air that releases negative ions vitally important for a healthy body and mind. Our salt room is constructed with 250 million-year-old salt with over 80 pure minerals. This is a healing room for respiratory conditions, skin conditions and detoxification.

Health Benefits

We believe that breathing in the super fine (0.3 microns) particles of salt cleanses your lungs of bacteria and pollution and reduces inflammation. The Halotherapy Salt Generator panels in our Himalayan Salt room are backlit and can change colors, allowing synchronized color therapy treatment. At Ho’ola spa in Lahaina, all our holistic treatments deliver a full spectrum of healing and wellness like no other.

E Komo Mai”…. we look forward to meeting you.

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