Experience spa body and massage treatments that are among the most relaxing, therapeutic and luxurious in all of Hawaii.

Select from 50 and 80 minute services. We suggest experiencing your spa massage on our magnificent Oceanside lanais; we also offer massage in our day spa, or in the privacy of your hotel room. Extra charges will apply for in-room service.

massage3Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

$130 | $160
If you like Swedish massage, you will love our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage! Ancient techniques have been handed down through generations… long, gliding strokes using the forearm and gentle rhythmic motions make this our most sought after massage.

Classic Swedish Massage

$130 | $160
This traditional Western-style massage is designed to alleviate muscle tension, promote relaxation and increase circulation.

Reflexology Treatment

$130 | $160
This ancient treatment restores natural balance and well-being to your body by applying pressure to specific points on the feet and occasionally on the hands.

Prenatal (Hapai) Massage

50 min $130 (80 min n/a for Hapai)
A nurturing and relaxing spa massage for the mother to be. Special attention is given to her comfort and stage of pregnancy, helping to ease pregnancy related physical changes including back pain, sciatica, edema (swelling), and muscle spasms. Deep pressure is contraindicated; gentle to medium pressure is used.

Deep Lomi Lomi Massage

$150 | $180
Perfect for guests who need a firmer, more intense spa massage treatment, but want to enjoy all the benefits of a Lomi Lomi experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

$150 | $180
Guests who are accustomed to deeper pressure with specific muscle attention will enjoy this treatment. Our therapists ease into muscle tissue and work to resolve specific areas of tightness.

Sports Massage

$150 | $180
Designed especially for the vacation warrior, this massage gives specific attention to sore, over-used muscles. A sports massage also promotes improved range of motion and flexibility. Your therapist will assess and target different muscle groups for golf, tennis, surfing, running and hiking.

Additional services that can be added to the above treatments:


Let us know if you wish to share your massage experience with a friend or loved one in the same room or on our lanai for no additional charge.